Calm & Strong – Pregnancy yoga

at Honigseele Berlin, Kreuzberg
Prenatal yoga is more than adapting poses to the pregnant body and has a lot of benefits for this period. Mindful practice allows you to take time and connect with your baby and with your changing body. Physically, it helps to create more space for the breath, release tensions and back pains, and to gain strength and mobility in the body. Regular practice will help you to develop inner strength and prepare your body and mind for the birth.
Sunday | 13:30
In this prenatal yoga class we will move mindfully through flowing sequences carefully designed to deepen self-awareness and develop strength, flexibility, and balance to support your physical and emotional well-being during pregnancy.
Together, we will explore a variety of transitions between poses and look for the balance between effort and ease. Each class ends with soothing relaxation and/or guided meditation.

This practice is safe and beneficial for all stages of pregnancy until birth. However, I recommend coming to the group class after first 8 weeks. If you want to join earlier, please contact me before the class.

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