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Hello there,

I’m Katya (she/her), I am a certified Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher. My father introduced me to yoga when I was a child. However, my conscious practice begun with Iyengar yoga in 2013. I went deep into this style and learned a lot about asanas, body alignments, props etc. After a while I realised, that I want to move away from linear movements and guru based tradition, and find more freedom in my practice. That brought me to Dynamic Mindfulness School.

I live in Berlin since 2014. Growing up with my four-year-old child. Besides yoga and mindfulness I have a passion to photography as I studied visual arts and worked as a visual editor and photographer.

Certification & Education

  • Currently I am in Full Spectrum Doula Training

If you're interested in practicing movement and meditation with me, take a look at my offers and get in touch.

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