Mindful Flow

at Honigseele Berlin, Kreuzberg
In Dynamic Mindfulness yoga classes we work with the body as it is. It is a contemporary approach to yoga, rooted in Zen-Buddhist Philosophy and safely informed by movement science and biomechanics. All body shapes, all sexual orientations and all abilities are welcome! Come as you are, learn about Dynamic Mindfulness yoga and take the benefits of the practice into your everyday life!
Tuesday | 9:30

Sunday | 15:00
Functional and mindful movements with deep relaxation and/or guided meditation in the end of each class. We will soften, wave, bounce, roll and pay attention to body and breath. Together, we will explore a variety of transitions between poses and look for the balance between effort and ease. This practice is beneficial for both your mind and joints, and it’s accessible for all body types, ages, and backgrounds. Through regular classes you will gain both strength and mobility in the body.

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